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Virginia road

Driving with My Mom

I try to take my mom out a few times a week. We go to the local farm to buy eggs or to the supermarket. Nothing outrageous. Often she rides along and sits in the car while I run in. Sometimes she'll ask to come in or I'll even suggest that she come in. It's not easy -- the transfers to the wheelchair back and forth are hard on both of us.

My mom has always been very social, so I know this is harder on her in ways that it's not on me. There are some very kind people out there, that lean in to hear her talk so softly. They are patient as they try to figure out what she's trying to say. (I have to keep myself from translating everything.) They make her laugh sometimes or say something kind. I'm not sure everyone realizes just how much that means to her and to me. 

Every time we go out, she tells me what a good driver I am. At first, I thought she was just being nice, but Mary has not ever been known as a 'just being nice' person. She's more of a this might hurt, but I'm going to tell you the truth person. What follows next is the same exchange.

Mary -- I'm so glad I don't drive anymore.

Me -- Mom, everyone is glad you don't drive anymore. 

It's true. Everything was getting a little dicey toward the end of her driving life. Not bad, but just not the same. But I am so very proud of her for deciding on her own not to drive anymore. It wasn't because of an accident or even a near accident. She just decided it wasn't safe any longer. It was a big decision. As I mentioned before, my mom is social. She likes being busy and going places. Even if it's just to Aldi to look at the new holiday socks.

(Posted Feb 17th, 2024)

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