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Early morning on Moonstone Beach

Moon Stone Beach Memories

Wed, May 18th, 2016

My father is an artist. Photography was just one of his mediums. I have several of these old photographs from when I was young. I don't even know what kind of camera or film he used. I just think they are amazing. This is a photo taken of me on Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California. I'm in the foreground with my extremely stylish orange pants and red and blue sweater. My sister is toward the back. She seems to have also loved orange pants. I was seven and she was five.

It's early in the morning. The sun has yet to burn the fog away. I found a secret cave that day and a piece of blue sea glass that still sits in a jar on my dresser, tucked in among my other keepers from the beaches in Maine and Florida.

I love the dreamy, misty quality of this photograph as much as seeing a young me. Searching. Hopeful.

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