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well wall

Well Wall

Well, it's begun. It's starting to get warm now. Our seedlings are coming up and the lake is overfull and we have pots of herbs on the porch again. And my neighbor hauled some giant rocks down the hill to build a well wall for us. It's only a miracle that the plows haven't hit it yet. We handed him two dozen cookies, but he seemed embarrassed by the gesture. Our neighbors are the best. On any given day I'll find our mailbox repaired, daffodils on our porch, a box full of plants ready to be put into the ground, or well -- like today -- a pile of giant rocks. I am daily humbled by the kindness and generosity that everyone shows each other here. And it's never just I have an extra plant/loaf of bread/boulder, but rather take whatever you need -- even if it's my last one. It's the ultimate sharing of first fruits and middle fruits and last fruits. We are so very blessed. Now if someone would just come and take the black flies away.

(Posted May 19th, 2017)

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