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Texas in August

Sicker Than a Dog Days of Summer

Okay, I'll admit it wasn't my first choice. Leaving the cool Maine woods for the August heat of Texas? And to clean out my storage unit? But it ended up not being nearly as bad as I thought. Sure it was unbelievably hot and sure I ended up with a migraine which wiped me out for a full day and had me lying on the bathroom floor praying to die in between throwing up anything I'd been foolish enough to eat in the last day. But I did get to spend time with my mom and some very good friends. It was a quick in and out, so I didn't get to see nearly everyone I wanted to, but it was still nice. And getting rid of stuff? Well, I am sort of odd that way. I love to get rid of stuff. I was able to donateĀ (wait for it) ALL of our furniture and lawn tools and power tools and whatever else wasn't stuffed into boxes to a very worthwhile charity in Tyler. My storage is very bare now, which makes me a little nervous. Boxes and one drop leaf table and a IKEA chair that I love. That's it. So wherever we land, we'll need to find some new stuff. But that's part of the fun of passing things along, I think.

The barfing part I could do without. But the time with friends and the pecans and the sight of corn in the field? That was pure heaven. Well heaven if heaven is 105 degrees in the shade. (Which I am hoping it most definitely is not.)

(Posted Aug 23rd, 2016)

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