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Searching for the Sun.

It looks like aliens are hatching in our cellar. 

The grow light we have for our seedlings is purple, which means that the light shining out of our cellar windows is purple. Which means that if we actually had any neighbors close enough, they'd likely think we were aliens. But nope. It's just us trying to get some seeds started while it's still too cold outside. So far we have basil, lettuce, spinach, squash, and purple tomatillos. I know -- purple. We'll have black tomatoes and white eggplant soon -- fingers crossed. Pretty much if it's weird or crazy hot or smells like rotting meat, we'll grow it. It makes for some odd salads, but why just grow the usual stuff you can find at the grocery store?

Well, the men in black haven't shown up yet, so that's good. I wouldn't want them to find the alien pods I have stashed behind the washing machine. 

(Posted May 12th, 2017)

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