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Cairns near Lubec

Photographic Black Hole

Okay, I'll admit I am a terrible photographer. I cut off people's heads. Everyone ends up with red-eye. A perfectly sweet cat somehow morphs into a demon cat. But, I can't seem to take a bad photograph in Maine. Everything turns out amazing. But now I have another problem. Every photo I take -- whether of a cairn we built at the beach or the mountain range from where we stopped for gas or the deer grazing in the field -- looks like something you'd find framed at IKEA. You know those photos that have a lot of ambiance and are supposed to give your home an artsy feel? Well, that's what nearly every photo on my phone looks like. There's something eerily staged about it all. I can't seem to make things look spontaneous or even real. I'm sure Maine isn't the only place this happens, but it's the first I've found. It's like a black hole where every photo looks retouched, cropped, and taken with ethereal filters. Weird. 

(Posted Jun 7th, 2017)

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