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So hungry


We're animal people. In fact, in our family the animals outnumber the people. We have a dog -- Daisy. She's an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), which I only recently learned means she's part Australian Shepherd and part Dingo. Dingo -- seriously? She's the most joyful dog I've ever met. But she's also possibly a bit insane. For no good reason, she will decide to run as hard and fast as she can, tearing across the yard and out to the blueberry barrens and back again. And then when she's exhausted, she'll fall down and just lie there -- sometimes right in the middle of the road. (Good thing we're at the end of the road, which means there's almost never traffic.) 

Then there's Moota -- our 15 year old Manx. He has the strongest personality in the family. My mother was worried that he was just lying in the middle of the floor instead of on the very soft fleece blanket I left out for him. I assured her that if Moota was doing something, it was because he wanted to do it.

Finally, there's Peach -- our two year old Ragdoll. He's literally the sweetest cat I've ever met. Even though Moota fairly regularly steals his food, cuts in line at the water fountain, and chases him out of his favorite sleeping spot, he still loves him. He's also completely obsessed with food. He's currently 18 pounds(ish). The vet said that's normal for his size. He even said he might still be growing. 

This is what I've learned from them. Joy, Strength, and Love. I suppose its not a bad tradeoff for having to scoop the catbox at least twice a day. 

(Posted Sep 30th, 2016)

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