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mud and muck

Mud Season

It's official. It's definitely mud season. My yard is a soupy mess and the road has ruts in it that melt and freeze and melt again. In one spot, they are halfway up the tires. But my neighbor said something wise: "It has to happen sometime." I think that unknowingly that has been the theme of this year so far. Unlike my usual method of ignoring unpleasant or uncomfortable things until I have to deal with them, I'm trying to just press into them. It might be as small as mopping the floor or at big as doing my taxes, but I keep telling myself "It has to happen sometime," which gives me the courage to just get it over with (or at least started). So, that's my plan for moving forward this year. Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men... Heh. At least I have a plan. Usually I just flail around a lot. So, even a failed plan is a win.

Now if I could just teach my dog to wipe her feet when she comes in from outside.

(Posted Mar 30th, 2017)

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