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We finally made it to Mexico after a lot of setbacks. First it was my sweet dog, Daisy who ended up needing advanced medical care after an ear injury. And then my mom had pneumonia, but we finally made it into the car and toward the border. 

It was an easy -- if boring drive from my mom's house in Dallas to Laredo where we spent the night. Then we headed across the border and all the way to San  Miguel de Allende, with only one stop for gas and another just to stretch our legs. 

It's beautiful here. It's cold in the morning, but every afternoon the sun comes up and everything warms up. The streets are all cobbled, which means you have to be careful where you step. The food is great. We've been buying everything at the local tienda. It's all fresh and inexpensive. 

Language school is hard. I've been going for two weeks, but I'm still a mess. My brain feels mushy and I keep cycling through Spanish and English and French before settling into something to say. I've been told it will get easier. I sure hope so.

(Posted Dec 1st, 2017)

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