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Miracles and Dreams

Making room for dreams

I got this idea from a book I was reading called In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day. In it the author, Mark Batterson, says part of pursuing a dream is taking time to acknowledge what has already happened as you look forward to what is going to happen. Or to simply say We were there. Now we are here. And soon we will be over there. I love that idea of remembering the past, while standing firmly in the present and leaning into the future. Too often I have left past miracles uncelebrated. But I have also left dreams unacknowledged. 

So, we decided to build an altar or a monument or cairn. (I'm not sure what to call it.) We hauled rocks from around the property to this cement platform of unknown origin and built a little monument. We tucked a piece of paper with all of the things we want to remember and all the things we are still hoping for into a plastic bag and put it under the rocks. We wrote Bible verses on the planks -- ones that we want to remember. 

Whenever I start to doubt or get scared, now I can look up the hill and see what we put there. It reminds me of what is behind, but also what is still to come. 

(Posted Nov 11th, 2016)

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