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Last summer I worked as a baker/pastry chef for a local inn. I was incredibly fun – although the wedding cakes were really stressful. Particularly one bride who wanted a blueberry colored cake. Even though I literally had a bowl of blueberries beside me to match the shade, she insisted it wasn't right. Too blue. It turns out she was looking for something a bit more Blue Raspberry Slushie than something that was actually found in nature. It worked out fine in the end even if I did end up with blue hands for the rest of the weekend.

The hardest, fussiest, coolest thing we made (my son worked with me all summer) were macarons. I'm pretty sure we made them in almost every color.

  • Blue filled with blueberry cream.
  • Yellow filled with lemon curd.
  • Light pink filled with grapefruit curd.
  • Brown filled with dark chocolate ganache.
  • White filled with vanilla bean cream.
  • Peach filled with peach preserves.
  • Purple filled with spiced plum jam.
  • Red filled with cherry jam.
  • Pink filled with raspberry jam.
  • Orange filled with orange curd.
  • Lime filled with lime curd.
  • Green filled with white chocolate mint buttercream.
  • Mauve filled with (my favorite) roasted strawberry and balsamic vinegar cream.

Fussy, but oh so very pretty. I'll post my recipe in a few days. It's super simple if you follow my instructions (precisely).

(Posted Aug 16th, 2016)

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