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Humor Where You Can Find It

I'm the first to admit that we have a pretty dark sense of humor in our family. It's funny to us, but can make others uncomfortable, so reader beware.

My mom has recently decided that she doesn't want to take a nap. The problem is she needs a nap and to a lesser degree, I need her to take a nap. I do have a job and they like me to do it, so sometimes I just need that hour to get caught up on emails and grading and maybe even get some writing in. So, two days ago we started our usual discussion about her nap. She was nearly falling on the floor, she was so tired. 

Mary: Why do I have to take a nap?

Me: Because you're tired.

Mary: I'm not.

Me: You're almost asleep.

Mary: I'm resting my eyes. 

Me: Well, I want you to rest your eyes in bed.

I proceeded the arduous process of transferring her from chair to wheelchair to bed. I covered her up with her favorite blanket, put up the guardrail and told her I'd be back after her nap.

Mary: (as I'm walking out her door) I'm going to talk to your manager.

Me: Sounds good. (To myself after I closed the door.) Pretty sure the manager is going to agree with me. 

I laughed for a while about this, imagining dressing up in a blazer with a nametag and wearing my hair back in a bun. Some red lipstick and I'd be set. 

She still doesn't want to take naps, but at least I can smile through it now. 

(Posted Jan 23rd, 2024)

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