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Dirty Snow

I finally figured out why I never post to my blog. Four reasons:

  1. Everyone has a blog. And mine just isn't that interesting. My mother doesn't even read it. (You have a blog?!?)
  2. I forget to bring my phone with me, so I have no photos to post. 
  3. I'm not that sure we do anything interesting enough to post even if I did.
  4. I keep waiting for beautiful or meaningful things to post. 

And so I've made a decision -- at least for now. I'm going to just post photos of my life. Not because they are beautiful or meaningful, but because it's my life. For instance today --Ash Wednesday-- as I was walking down the road, I couldn't help but be a little sad about the sorry state of our snow now. It was so beautiful about a week ago, but now it's dirty and icy and has bits of twigs and deer scat and gravel all over it. And it's melting everywhere, turning our road into muddy soup. But then I saw two blue jays in the tree and saw the plastic jugs tied to the maple trees to collect the sap. And I realized that the dirty snow just points to what is going to happen in a few weeks -- spring! And I thought of the smudge of ashes under my knit hat and thought of how much that is like the dirty snow. It's a moment of ugliness that points at something beautiful to come. 

(Posted Mar 1st, 2017)

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