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Blueberries in the fall

Blueberry Barrens in the Fall

When I tell people I live in Maine, they always want to know about the lobster. And the lighthouses. And the blueberries. I know a lot of lobster fishermen and I know where you can get a chicken (a little lobster) for about two dollars, but I'll take a fried haddock sandwich any day over a lobster. And there are several lighthouses very close by, but while they are lovely, I like them more for their historic significance. And the blueberries are everywhere, but I'll confess that I prefer raspberries and cranberries. However, right behind our house is a blueberry barren. It's amazing. In spring, it's bright green with new leaves. In summer, it turns almost blue with berries. But fall is my favorite. It's breathtaking. And it's something no one ever seems to talk about. And I love that for no reason at all, the spent plants are just so darn beautiful. 

(Posted Nov 1st, 2016)

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