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Almost Spring

I get so crazy happy when I look out the window and see these daffodils in my garden. It's the only color in an otherwise very grey landscape. It's been rainy and foggy and cloudy for days on end now. And the forecast shows ten more days -- at least -- of the same. I keep hauling dirt in totes in the back of my car to fill my vegetable garden, like I think I can force it to be spring if I just work hard enough. I do have some really awesome soil this year, but the downside is that my car smells pretty ripe. Even though it's only about a half an hour trip from the transfer station to my house and I drive with the windows down, there's a pervasive smell of dirt and lobster inside the car. Ah well, what's a little car funk when a garden is at stake?

Of course as a friend reminded me today, spring means blackflies. So, maybe I can hold off a little bit longer.

(Posted Apr 28th, 2017)

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