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Jars of Glass

by Brad Barkley & Heather Hepler

Publisher: Dutton Books

ISBN: 9780525479116

Date: 2008

Pages: 208

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Chloe wishes that everything could just go back to normal - that Mom would come home from the hospital and Dad would start acting like a dad again. But it doesn't look like either of those things will be happening anytime soon, and with her older sister sneaking out every night, Chloe is left at  home to be the responsible caretaker of their little brother, Micah, who rarely speaks.

Shana is trying to escape her problems by hiding under black and white makeup and getting lost in the crowd of her Goth friends. Like Chloe, Shana wishes her life could go back to normal, but for reasons Chloe can't understand, Shana never, ever wants their mother to come home again.

As things go from bad to worse, the sisters are forced to band together and redefine what it means to be a family. Told in the alternating voices of Chloe and Shana, this striking novel from the critically acclaimed authors of Scrambled Eggs at Midnight and Dream Factory is full of wit, humor, heartbreak, and hope.

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